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Trek bigbang, turned around!
2010 Masterlist 
29th-Jun-2010 09:52 am
Star Trek Enterprise
The 2010 round is at a close and we're delighted at the 37 pieces of art and 42 pieces of fic that came about because of the challenge!

Here's the masterlist sorted alphabetically by title with pertinent pairings listed in parentheses.

Title: The Annotated Adventures of the Lady Pirate Nyota Uhura and her Captain, James Kirk (Action-adventure, drama, historical AU with a light steampunk twist. Secondary Uhura/Spock, McCoy/Kirk and Sulu/Chekov)
Author: tallycola Fic: LJ (PG-13)

Title: Around Vego in 80 Hours (Kirk/Spock preslash)
Artist: darthneko Art: LJ (PG-13)
Author: ximeria Fic: AO3 (PG-13)

Title: (Bars are Temples) But the Pearls Ain't Free (Gen, reference to Kirk/Gaila)
Artist: coldmero Art: DeviantArt (PG-13)
Author: smittywing Fic: LJ (PG-13)

Title: The Brainchildren of Verdantia (Kirk/Spock)
Artist: steammmpunk Art: LJ (G) | Dreamwidth
Author: verizonhorizon Fic: LJ (PG-13)

Title: Clean-up Duty (fic)/ Another Piece of the Action (art) (Gen)
Artist: brynnamorgan Art: LJ (G)
Author: velvetmouse Fic: LJ (PG) Part 1 and Part 2

Title: Dexterity (gen, some Winona Kirk/Amanda Grayson, Winona Kirk/George Kirk and Amanda Grayson/Sarek subtext)
Artist: alias_sqbr Art: DeviantArt (G)
Author: leupagus, screamlet, waldorph Fic: AO3 (PG)

Title: Different Courses (Gen)
Artist: strivaria Art: Wordpress (G)
Author: miscellanny Fic:LJ (G)

Title: Dynamite With a Laser Beam (Gen)
Artist: korilian Art: LJ (PG-13)
Author: framlingem Fic: LJ (PG-13)

Title: Eternal (Kirk/Gaila, Uhura/McCoy, Uhura/Gaila)
Author: chinae Fic: LJ (MA)

Title: Fa-gad Ki'tun Hiyet (Tomorrow Has Troubles Enough) (pock/Uhura, Scotty/ Charlene)
Artist: tripperfunster Art: DeviantArt (PG)
Author: yalegirl03 Fic: LJ (NC-17)

Title: The Great Awakening (Spock/Surak, Surak/S'Task)
Artist: strivaria Art:Wordpress
Author: chinae Fic: LJ

Title: Hold On, Hold On (Kirk/Mccoy)
Artist: scatter_muse Art: LJ (PG-13)
Author: andrealyn Fic: LJ (PG-13) Part One // Part Two

Title: Homo homini lupus (McCoy/Chekov)
Artist: chaosraven Art: DW (G)
Author: casspeach Fic: DW (R)

Title: In Marsh and Desert (Kirk/Spock)
Artist: ratcreature Art: LJ | Dreamwidth (G)
Author: tinocka Fic: LJ (PG-13)

Title: In my Memory (Kirk/Spock preslash; Kirk Prime/Spock prime established; some Spock/KirkPrime)
Artist: yuanhua Art: LJ (PG)
Author: ariadnechan Fic: LJ (R) Part I | Part II | Part III

Title: knives in the water (Kirk/McCoy)
Artist: steam_pilot Art: LJ (NC-17)
Author: green_postit Fic: LJ (NC-17)

Title: A Marriage of True Minds (Sarek/Amanda)
Author: beatrice_otter Fic: Dreamwidth (G)

Title: The Minuets of Diplomacy (Gen, slight Spock/Uhura)
Artist: ashlan Art: LJ (G)
Author: reccea Fic: LJ (PG-13)

Title: The Missing Piece (Kirk/Spock gen/pre-slash)
Artist: lemonrocket Art: LJ (PG-13)
Author: heeroluva Fic: LJ (R)

Title: Mobius (Gen)
Artist: pentapus Art: DW (G)
Author: miss_porcupine Fic: LJ (PG-13)

Title: Musical Reflections (Gen, slight Spock/Uhura)
Artist: reflectedeve Art: DW (PG)
Author: arhh Fic: LJ (PG)

Title: No Morning Regret (Kirk/McCoy)
Artist: rotae Art: LJ (PG) | DeviantART

Title: Not according to plan (Kirk/McCoy)
Artist: tripperfunster Art: DeviantArt (PG)
Author: claudia_nic Fic: LJ (PG)

Title: Out of the Lines (gen / some Spock/Uhura and Uhura/Gaila)
Artist: morlockiness Art: LJ (PG)
Author: betweenthebliss Fic: LJ (PG-13)

Title: Party of the Third Part (Kirk/McCoy pre-slash)
Author: sail_aweigh Fic: LJ (PG-13)|DW

Title: Redshift (Kirk/Spock)
Artist: ashleyj28 Art: LJ (R)
Author: posyvanilla Fic: LJ (R)

Title: Shadows of our Yesterdays (and Ghosts of Our Tomorrows) (Kirk/Bones)
Artist: coldmero Art: DeviantArt (G)
Author: paleogymnast Fic: LJ (R) | AO3

Title: So Which Way to the Funfair? (Gen/adventure. Hints of K/S if you've got your slash goggles on)
Artist: isca_lox Art: DeviantArt (PG-13)
Author: janice_lester Fic: LJ (R)

Title: Standard Operating Procedure (Gen)
Artist: ileliberte Art: LJ (G)
Author: miss_porcupine Fic: LJ (PG-13)

Title: Standing Still (Life's Like That) (Gen)
Artist: steammmpunk Art: LJ (G) | Dreamwidth
Author: arccie Fic: LJ (G)

Title: String Theory (Kirk/McCoy, Spock/Uhura)
Artist: pouf Art: Photobucket (G)
Author: sesh_khem Fic: LJ (PG) Part 1 and Part 2

Title: Tears from Tartarus (Kirk/Spock/Uhura)
Artist: ileliberte Art: LJ (G)
Author: djkiwi2576 Fic: LJ (PG-13)

Title: Things Hikaru Sulu Knows (Kirk/Sulu, hints of Spock/Uhura and some McCoy/Chekhov)
Artist: enkanowen Art: LJ (PG; R)
Author: cathouse_mary Fic: LJ (NC-17)

Title: Through the Desert of Grief (Kirk/Spock)
Artist: stereowire Art: LJ (G)
Author: xlcatloveress Fic: LJ (R)

Title: Tomorrow's New Light (McCoy/Chekov)
Artist: gblvr Art: Dreamwidth (G)
Author: casspeach Fic: Dreamwidth (R)

Title: True Colors (Uhura/McCoy, Uhura/Spock)
Artist: elektra_lyte Art: LJ (PG)
Author: ishie Fic: LJ (PG)

Title: Two Capes, Three Masks and A Drama Queen (Kirk/Spock, Sulu/Chekov)
Author: lady_dae Fic: LJ (PG-13)

Title: Unneeded Ritual (Kirk/McCoy)
Artist: coldmero Art: DeviantArt (PG)
Author: dysnomia_hybris Fic: LJ (NC-17)

Title: Untitled (Nyota + Gaila)
Artist: renisanz Art: LJ (G)

Title: Warn Children of the Risk of Death by Electrocution or Dammit, Man, I'm a Doctor and a Secret Agent (Kirk/McCoy)
Artist: elanorofcastile Art: LJ (R)
Author: wook77 Fic: LJ (R)

Title: The Weather Out There (Gen with Sulu/Chekov)
Artist: glockgal Art: LJ (PG)
Author: tassosss Fic: DW (PG)

Title: where you got lost, how you got by (Sulu/Chekov)
Artist: calembours Art: LJ (PG)
Author: nextian Fic: Dreamwidth (PG-13)

Title: Woe or Wonder (Gen)
Author: jouissant Fic: LJ (R)
29th-Jun-2010 05:17 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much for putting this together! Just a note, my fic is definitely gen, but I rated it R for subject matter. Just don't want anyone to be misled as it's fairly dark.
29th-Jun-2010 05:32 pm (UTC)
It's changed now. Thanks for letting us know.
29th-Jun-2010 05:44 pm (UTC)
Thanks very much!
29th-Jun-2010 07:06 pm (UTC)
YAY master list!

i hope you mods read our fics and give us review!
30th-Jun-2010 02:33 am (UTC)
1st-Jul-2010 09:02 am (UTC)
eee! Thank you once again for all your hard work. I am slowly picking through these, and I can't wait to read them all. Sdfhasgasdf I wish I had more time!!
4th-Jan-2011 03:22 am (UTC)
Is there going to be another round this year?
6th-Jan-2011 08:51 pm (UTC)
Hey there, I just put up a poll to gauge interest in a new round. Please feel free to fill it out if you're still interested, and link it around if possible :)
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