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Trek bigbang, turned around!
25th-Apr-2017 05:41 pm(no subject)
Magnus 1
Is this still going on?
6th-May-2014 09:24 am - Update
Star Trek Enterprise
Hey folks,

I'm so sorry for the delay. It's been a bit hectic in real life. I'll have a post up later today with how to submit art and a revised challenge schedule.

I hope everyone's still looking forward to participating.

-Trek Rev Bang Mod
3rd-May-2014 12:51 pm - Art Posting?
Magnus 1
Where do we post the art???
9th-Feb-2014 11:31 am - Round 4: Prompt Submissions
Star Trek Enterprise
This post is for prompts only. Anyone (authors/artists/viewers) can submit a prompt and it will serve as a resource for artists in case they need some inspiration. Using prompts are totally optional for artists, but could be useful if someone's temporarily stuck for an idea.
9th-Feb-2014 11:30 am - Round 4: Beta Resources
Star Trek Enterprise
This post is for people who would like to offer their services as betas for stories and artwork. Please follow the template below so that participants can contact the right person easily.
9th-Feb-2014 11:30 am - Round 4: Author Sign Ups
Star Trek Enterprise
Basic Rules:
• Write at least 6K words based on claimed artwork
• Stories need to be completed by June 10
• Stories cannot be WIPs and need to be beta-read before posting
• Be sure to both join and watch the comm
• Sign-ups open till April 30

Please refer to the FAQs for more details.

To sign-up:
We're using Google forms so please sign up here.

For promotion purposes, coding for banner and comm url:

All help is appreciated :)

If you have any questions, please comment here, at the FAQs post or email us at trekreversebang(at)gmail(dot)com.

Have fun!
9th-Feb-2014 11:27 am - Round 4: Artist Sign Ups
Star Trek Enterprise
Basic Rules:
• Create at least one piece of art [hand-drawn(traditional/digital)/vids/paintovers]
• Art due by Mayl 1st
• No icons or wallpapers for primary pieces
• Additional pieces done by final submission dates are totally welcome
• Be sure to both join and watch the comm
• Sign-ups open till April 30

Please refer to the FAQs for more details.

To sign-up:
We're using Google forms so please sign up here.

For promotional purposes, here's coding for a banner and the comm url:

Any and all help in spreading the word is appreciated!

If you have any questions, please comment here, on the FAQs post or email us at trekreversebang(at)gmail(dot)com.

Have fun!
7th-Feb-2014 01:10 am - FAQ
Star Trek Enterprise
What is Trek Reverse Bang?

Trek Reverse Bang is based on startrekbigbang, except here the art comes first. Artists create their art, send in their drafts and authors choose the pieces in a blind claims post. Then the authors write a minimum of 6K words based on the artwork and starting from tJune 10th, the fandom gets a whole bunch of delightful presents.

What are the dates?

Feb 7 Artist & Author signups OPEN
Feb 7 Prompt submissions
Apr 30 Artist signups CLOSE
Apr 30 Author Signups CLOSE
May 1 Artist drafts due
May 2 Submissions viewing post opens
May 3-10 Author claims OPEN
June 10 Posting begins

How does this work?

Artists sign up starting Feburary 7th. They can work from their own ideas or choose from a selection of prompts that will be submitted by the fandom at large and have their pieces ready by April 30th. We are changing the rule slightly from last time in that artwork needs to be complete when submissions are due (we have increased the submission period accordingly). If you wish to add/change the artwork because you're inspired by the author's ideas after you've submitted your work, that's fine. And you're welcome to do more than one piece for an author if you have the time or desire to do so. This change is mainly to ensure that all art comes with a story and vice versa, since it is easier to find pinch-hitters to write if an author needs to drop out, but doesn't really work the other way around because of the way the challenge is structured.

Read on for more details!Collapse )

27th-Mar-2013 08:00 am - Upcoming Round
Star Trek Enterprise
The next round of trekreversebang will take place after the release of the new movie and startrekbigbang's round. So we'll be back in January of next year.

It'll give us time to revamp and reorganize and have a better plan for running a more seamelss round.

We hope you'll have fun over at startrekbigbang in whatever form you choose then come back to join us for ours! :D

Also, would you like a series of ramp up festivities?

Thoughts and suggestions welcome in the comments.
9th-Jul-2012 06:09 pm - End of Round
Star Trek Enterprise
Hello folks,

We've reached the end of the round and I'd like to thank everyone for participating. I'd also like to extend a heartfelt thanks to our amazing artists for submitting additional pieces when they were able.

I'd like to welcome the artists who haven't posted their art to the comm for whatever reason to do so now. I'd rather your art was shared with everyone to be appreciated than held back.

Now to the unpleasant business. This round suffered from various delays for which I apologize and a confusing lack of follow through as posting neared. Out of our 20 pieces that were scheduled to be posted, only 9 were. Participation in this round was significantly lower than in the previous rounds and artists were asked to provide additional pieces if they were so inclined. I'd like to hear your thoughts on why that was the case and what can be done to ensure this reverse bang continues to have a healthy life as we move forward into future rounds.

  • Were the delays a hindrance?

  • Did life just get too busy toward the end?

  • Are folks just not interested in Star Trek anymore?

  • Are there just not enough people on LJ for a Trek Reverse Bang to be a standalone event?

  • Anything else you can think of?

You're also welcome to email us at trekreversebang[at]gmail[dot]com with your feedback if you prefer a different forum.
2nd-Jul-2012 08:22 pm - Fic: Like Father Like Son
Title: Like Father Like Son
Artist: megan_moonlight
Author: marlee813
Rating (both art/fic): G/NC-17
Genre/Pairing: TOS!Kirk/AOS!McCoy, background AOS!Kirk/AOS!Spock; angst, first-time, schmoop, BAMF Kirk (x2), AU
Word Count:
Warnings: Nothing that I think fits here.

Art Thumbnail:
Fic Summary: Kirk was never a decent father, always chose his career over his son and didn’t realize the consequences it would have. On either of their lives. Until fate, destiny, or one Christopher Pike interferes and reunites them. What happens when they’re forced to come together to save the people they love the most? Can they overcome their differences?
A/N: I apologize profusely for the lateness of this. Hope you guys enjoy!
Link to Art: HERE!
Link to Fic: HERE!
Title: Cracked Time on the Edge of Forever
Artist: lymanalpha
Author: nevadafighter
Rating (both art/fic): Fic: PG13, Art: G
Word Count: 10,470
Warnings: Crack. Language and crack.

Art Thumbnail:
Fic Summary: Jim. Bradley Hall must die. (Who?)
Link to Art: HERE!
Link to Fic: HERE!
to boldly go
Title: Love You Like a Sehlat
Artist: kenshincha
Author: sullacat
Rating (both art/fic): G/R
Genre/Pairing: Kirk/McCoy, Spock/McCoy, Kirk/Spock/McCoy
Word Count: ~7400
Warnings: excessive use of flashbacks; angstier than it should be.

Art Thumbnail:
Fic Summary: "Once upon a time, there were three young children who lived on Vulcan, three young boys who really didn't get along." Love isn't always like a fairy tale.

Link to Art: here
Link to Fic: |at LJ| |at AO3|
Uhura Smile
Title: We got a right to pick a little fight (Bonanza!)
Artist: lymanalpha
Author: sail_aweigh
Rating (both art/fic): Art: G/Fic: PG
Genre/Pairing: Gen, background Spock/Uhura, Kirk/McCoy
Word Count: 13,400
Warnings: Dinosaurs being frat boys with foul mouths. Really. And you might get an eye poked out.
Author notes: Written for trekreversebang 2012 edition. Thank you to my lovely beta, ken_ichijouji

Art Thumbnail: Spockraptor
Fic Summary: Larry just wants to impress a girl. Instead, he saves the world?
Link to Art: HERE!
Link to Fic: HERE!
28th-Jun-2012 08:14 pm - FIC: The Vulcan Queen
M:I GP - Ethan - climbing
Title: The Vulcan Queen
Artist: pentapus
Author: infiniterider
Rating (both art/fic): Art: G, Fic: PG13
Genre/Pairing: Adventure, Eventual pairing S/K/M/U
Word Count: 39,185
Warnings: some strong language, gender bending

Art Thumbnail:

Fic Summary: A hero's journey.
Link to Art: HERE!
Link to Fic: HERE!
26th-Jun-2012 10:41 pm(no subject)
S/T self-explanatory (Marvel/Avengers)
Title: Handful of Dust
Artist: ewientje
Author: unbidden_truth
Rating (both art/fic): PG
Genre/Pairing: Christopher Pike, Jim Kirk, Number One, Philip Boyce. Cameos by Archer, original characters and mentions of Kodos.  Gen, Pike-centric with a slight Pike/Number One.
Word Count: ~10,000
Warnings: Mentions of genocide, starvation, trauma related to wartime/genocide, etc (fairly mild)

Art Thumbnail:
Fic Summary: When Captain Chris Pike is sent to Tarsus IV, he never imagined to find such devastation but he also never expected his life to change when he meets a boy named Jim Kirk.
Link to Art:  LJ
Link to Fic: LJ, AO3
24th-Jun-2012 05:16 pm - Hello?
Star Trek Enterprise
A few of you have emailed to let me know what's going on but others are completely MIA.

What's going on folks? Is anyone still here? Are you guys still wanting to post?

~your confused mod
21st-Jun-2012 02:18 am - FIC Sparks
Title: Sparks
Artist: sunryder
Author: kenshincha
Rating (both art/fic): PG/PG-13
Genre/Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Word Count: 6000
Warnings: None

Art Thumbnail:
Fic Summary: In a universe where humans have mutations leading to super powers, Jim is rather disappointed in his.
Link to Art: HERE
Link to Fic: LJ | AO3
Title: More than Starfleet
Artist: pentapus
Author: sarhea
Rating (art): G
Rating (fic): R
Genre/Pairing: Action, Adventure, Drama, Suspense, Crossover, gen,
Word Count: ~6600
Warnings: violence, side-character death

Art Thumbnail: sneak peek
Fic Summary: (Crossover, Star Trek 2009 with Highlander the Series) Chekov and Sulu get an easy assignment that doesn’t turn out to be so simple after all. They are introduced to Watchers, Immortals, Quickenings, and duelling in quick succession and are just as quick to roll with the punches.
Link to Art: DW | LJ
Link to Fic: AO3 | FF.net
20th-Jun-2012 06:59 am - Posting Formats
Star Trek Enterprise
Hello everybody! Here's the posting format.

• Only one person from each artist/author team should post. The art and fic links should go to personal ljs (or personal comms/websites etc.), nothing will be posted directly to the trekreversebang community. We would like the posting format to be as follows:
Important: Posting Format under cutCollapse )

Please feel free to contact us if any of this is unclear, or you have other questions/concerns that we have not addressed. We're looking forward to a whole bunch of amazing fic and art in the coming days \o/ Good luck everyone!
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