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Star Trek art and fic challenge

Welcome to the Trek Reverse Bang, the turned around version of the Trek bigbang! There's art and there's fic too, but this time, the art comes first. Artists create their art, authors claim a piece of artwork to write for, and the fandom gets a whole bunch of new presents.

Important dates for 2012:
Jan 20 Artist & Author signups OPEN
Jan 20-Feb 5 Prompt submissions
Feb 5 Artist signups CLOSE
Mar 31 Author Signups CLOSE
April 1 Artist drafts due
April 2 Submissions viewing post opens
April 3-April 8 Author claims OPEN
May 22 Posting begins

Artist sign-up
Author sign-up

For more details, please go to the FAQs

Signup posts coming soon!
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The characters portrayed within are not ours. They belong to the actors, producers, writers, and corporate entities that own them. We mean no disrespect and have no intentions of making a profit. These are merely loving responses to the original work.